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The path to recovery can feel insurmountable – but we’ll be right there with you, pushing you forward. You’ll be under the care of a team of dedicated physiatrists, therapists, nurses, nutritionists, and more – all focused on your recovery. Our customized programs adapt as you improve, helping you regain your strength and regain your independence, as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

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Sub-Acute Rehabilitation

A customized program that helps you regain your strength and quality of life – as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

Our sub-acute recovery program is under the supervision of a dedicated physiatrist, who oversees a team of therapists, nurses, nutritionists, and more – all focused on you.

We apply advanced techniques and an aggressive approach to recovery that includes hands-on therapy 7 days a week. Whether you are looking for the best short-term rehab after surgery or stroke treatment rehabilitation, our customized subacute rehab and post acute care adapts as you improve, helping you regain your strength and quality of life.

  • Post-Operative Care
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Stroke & Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Skilled nurse and elderly lady in nursing facility

On-Site Clinical Services

A full range of clinical services, like dentistry and optometry, right on-site.

Life doesn’t stop while you pause to recover. That’s why we offer a full range of clinical services, including dentistry and optometry, right on-site.

  • On-Site Physician Coverage 7 Days a Week
  • Multiple On-Site Consulting Specialists Available
  • 24/7 Telemedicine
  • Respiratory Care Program
  • Sepsis Program
  • IV Therapy
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Advanced Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Physician-Led Parental Nutrition Program (Tpn, Ppn)
  • Advanced Wound Care Led By A Certified Wound Care Specialist
  • HIV/AIDS Management
Skilled nurse assisting elderly resident with walker

State-of-the-Art Therapy Center

A newly-renovated therapy center equipped with everything you need to safely accelerate your recovery.

Our therapy center providing multiple therapies including advanced physical therapy, is equipped with the latest advances in therapy apparatus and is staffed by skilled therapists trained in cutting-edge techniques to maximize your recovery success and minimize your recovery time. Together, our team supports and encourages you to achieve the highest functional level of independence possible.

Throughout your course of therapy, our focus is on you, your individual recovery needs, and eventual community re-entry. To that end, our program includes an ADL suite that helps you retrain in everyday home tasks like folding laundry, dressing, and crossing at the curb.

  • 7 Days a Week
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Balance Retraining
  • ADL Suite
Nursing home therapy center technologies

Transitional Care Program

Helping you prepare for a comfortable and safe return home.

As you regain strength and independence and prepare for your return home, we’re here to help you transition comfortably and safely.

Our goal is to ensure that you’re ready and can transition safely. By openly communicating with your hospital’s primary care physician throughout the decision process and transition period, we ensure your entire care team is working together to proactively monitor your health through every step of the way.

Over the course of your first few weeks, The Plaza will send a social worker to check in often, make sure you have what you need and are transitioning well, and jump in if additional support is needed.

  • Discharge Planning
  • Guidance and Support With Care Options
  • Psychosocial and Psychiatric Evaluations As Needed
  • In-Home Safety Assessments And Modifications
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Coordination and Continuum Of Care
Skilled nurse wheeling elderly resident in nursing home

Cutting Edge Cardiac Rehabilitation

Customized cardiac rehabilitation programs carefully crafted by experts with you in mind.

Your heart is central to your health. That’s why The Plaza has placed a core focus on developing a high-quality cardiac care program. Our multidisciplinary team pushes beyond expected rehabilitation standards to develop specific interventions that give residents and their families the tools — and the confidence — to move forward.

Each resident receives a customized care plan carefully developed by a board-certified cardiologist together with their personal cardiologist to ensure safe and active management of their heart condition while they recuperate.

Our interdisciplinary team works in concert with our hospital partners to monitor the patient’ progression in real-time, tracking trends and making necessary adjustments in preparation for their return to the community. This, coupled with education on health-related topics such as nutrition, exercise, and stress management reduces residents’ risk of future cardiac events. Through these proactive approaches, The Plaza has consistently seen the lowest rehospitalization rates for cardiac conditions in the Bronx.

  • Dedicated Cardiac Team Led By A Board Certified Cardiologist
  • Cardiac NP On-Site
  • Ekg, Echocardiogram, Doppler Diagnostics
  • LVAD and Lifevest Care
  • Coordinated Pt, Ot & Slp
  • Advanced Cardiac Medication Management
  • Diuretic Infusions Or Iv Therapy Push
  • INR/Anti-Coagulation Monitoring
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Heart Healthy Meals
  • Comprehensive, Disease-Specific
  • Education And Counseling
  • Patient & Caregiver Education
Skilled nurse checking resident's heart with stethoscope

On-Site Dialysis Center

On-site hemodialysis for your convenience, and complimentary transportation to peritoneal dialysis appointments.

At The Plaza, we’re here to make your course of treatment as comfortable as possible. To that end, we are one of few nursing homes with dialysis on-site nearby. For peritoneal dialysis, we provide complimentary transportation to and from kidney dialysis appointments

  • On-Site Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Transportation Available
Medical monitor screen

Long Term Rehabilitation

Providing personalized care and attention, delivered with genuine warmth and dignity for your extended stay.

Caring for a loved one at home can be complicated. When you need a break, whether for work, travel, or personal time, bring your loved one for a comfortable stay at The Plaza. Our Respite Care Services will allow you to enjoy your time with peace of mind, knowing that an experienced team is attending to your loved one’s needs round-the-clock in warm, caring atmosphere

When a loved one requires extra care, more than what can be provided at home, our team is there. We work together to ensure every one of our long-term care residents is living life as fully as possible by providing personalized care and attention, delivered with genuine warmth and dignity.

  • Individualized Care Plans
  • Full Medical Team 24/7
  • Daily Therapeutic Recreation
  • Spiritual Support Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Specialty Care (Podiatry, Optometry, Dentistry)
Skilled nurse assisting elderly man in wheelchair

Specialized Nutrition

Maintain your strength and health under the direction of a Registered Dietitian.

Under the direction of the Registered Dietitian, The Plaza Rehab & Nursing Care’s specialized nutrition program ensures that residents maintain their strength and health. Nutritional counseling throughout the process helps to ensure comfort and ease.

  • TPN
  • PPN
  • Hydration Programs
  • Enteral Feeding (PEG)
  • G Tubes
Nursing home residents eating breakfast

Concierge Nursing Services

Personal liaisons to ensure your needs are met and that you are provided with exceptional service at all times.

We’re at your service, always. We believe it’s the small details that help residents enjoy a higher quality of life – and at the Plaza, our in-house patient concierge works tirelessly to ensure that all those details are taken care of with a smile.

Our concierges serve as a liaison between our residents, their families/caregivers, and our team members, following you throughout your course of care to ensure your needs are met and that you are provided with exceptional service.

  • Facility Tours
  • Room Readiness Check Prior to Admissions
  • Admissions Alert to Staff Outlining Your Care Needs & Requirements
  • Welcoming & Orientation
  • Daily Check-ins
  • Interdepartmental Liaison and Coordination
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